Winter Care Routine

Winter Care Routine

Winter is on so it is important to take care of our skin in this cool weather and here is the Winter Care Routine for you guys. You make like and it will be helpful.

This winter you can go for this winter care routine. Lets get start with skin care routine

Winter Care Routine

# 1. Exfoliate

Take a normal sugar which is easily available in our kitchen and add few drops of olive oil and mix it well Now you can put it on your face just scrub your face gently and then wash off and patch it dry Use this same mixture to lips also

#2. Hydrating Mask

For hydrating we need curd 2 tablespoons and add few drops of honey into it and then mix well and ready to put it on face. Here curd has lactic acid in it this will act as a natural exfoliate. Once it is done leave it for 15 – 20 min let it dry and then clean with water.

#3. Steamer

Steam your face just for 5 – 6 min

#4. Moisturizer

Apply your moisturizer on your face. Use a right moisturizer Use a lip balm to lips you can use maybelline baby lips. After bathing immediately use a Moisturizer

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#5. No Hot water to be used

Instead of hot water for bathing use lake ware water because hot water will dry skin faster.

#6. Protect your skin with a coat or a shrug

Wearing gloves and scarfs will protect your skin from cold winds and snow.

#7. Water

Drinking lots of water we tend to skip or avoid drinking less water in winter. Drink water will hydrate your skin from inside.

Try this and you can see the change.

Hope this winter care routine is useful. What do you think so ?

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