Best Moisturizer To Use Before Applying Foundation

Best Moisturizer To Use Before Applying Foundation

Hi everyone today am gonna post you regarding the best moisturizer to use before applying foundation we all do everyday makeup some of them do occasionally makeup. But never the less every girl want to look beautiful flawless. Everyone who do makeup most of the time they end up with wrong choices and it leads to cakey makeup not so good.

Moisturizing is not oily just applying before the makeup but its like preparing your skin for makeup which is very important. Lot of people doesn’t know this they just put makeup without the basic things need to do before applying the foundation. By not applying Moisturizer your skin will be effected and becomes oily or dry so it’s really important before you apply foundation.

If you have oily skin or dry skin don’t skip to moisturizer your face before you apply any cc cream, bb cream , foundation or a concealer.

So today am going to tell you my top 5 moisturizers to use before applying foundation. Below are the moisturizers for different skin tones hope you like them


1 Clean & Clear Oil Free Moisturizer

Clean & clear oil free moisturizer basically is for oily skin tone it works great for me as i do have oily skin tone. This moisturizer  works great on summers for preparing for makeup. This is a very good moisturizer which out any greasy effect or oily effect.

Price : 80 Rs for 100 ml

  • Clean & Clear moisturizer  is pocket friendly
  • Long lasting on skin for longer time


2 Nivea Soft Cream

Nivea soft cream is a very light moisturizer. This can be used in winters and also in summers. Nivea soft cream keeps our skin moist and feels very light on face.Product is easy available on any medical stores or online as well. For less amount good quantity of product we can get.For all skin types this moisturizer can be used because the product is not much oily or greasy on the face once applied.

Price : 150 Rs for 100 ml

  • Cream absorbs very well into the skin
  • All skin types can try Nivea soft cream
  • Can be used for hand and legs

3 Cetaphil DAM

This moisturizer is  very good for people who have extremely dry skin as in this they have purified water and so much of glycerin which makes skin more moist when you apply foundation on your face. Most of them use this cetaphil moisturizer people who have very dry skin. I know this is little expensive but trust me this is amazing for dry skin as it is very well keeps your skin moist when you apply your makeup.

Price : 150 Rs for 30 grams


4 Lakme Peach Milk

Lakme peach milk is very light on the skin extremely lighter and smells amazing. At the same time it hydrates the skin very well. It really hydrates skin without any stickiness on your face. If you apply lakme peach milk before applying a foundation no need to apply sunscreen on your face.

Price : 120 Rs for 60 ml

  • Contains SPF 24 PA ++
  • Can you from normal to dry skin tone
  • Smells really great


5 Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturizer

This product can be used for combination skin tone. It is a good moisturizer for apply before your foundation so that your makeup don’t become cackey. Easily gets absorbed on the face as give well moisture through the day.

Price : 399 Rs for 118 ml

  • Alcohol free product
  • Best for sensitive skin
  • Fragrance free product

Girls hope you liked the above Best Moisturizer To Use Before Applying Foundation as these above products are best which i feel can be used before applying makeup or foundation as i use them too.

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