Ponds Moisturizing Cold Cream Review

Hey, Guys ! How are you doing today? Since from childhood Ponds Moisturizing Cold Cream Review is used by me. Years now still it is effective and used by many Indian.

Packing of Ponds Cold Cream :

Packing of Ponds Cold Cream comes in a small plastic bottle and a small cap on it. From ages the combination of the packaging is the same

Price : INR 5 (7 Grams)

My Experience with Ponds Moisturizing Cold Cream Review :

Year’s passing by now am using this product. Ponds cold cream is very user friendly to take away and it works great for my skin.

I have a oily and combination skin type as the ponds cold cream removes all my patchy dryness on my skin. The ponds cold cream is rich and thick in color and it absorbs into the skin quickly.

How i Apply Ponds Cold Cream

I apply ponds cold cream daily in winter’s and i apply on my lips and face which works on my dry skin and lips and rejuvenate my skin cells and looks glowing skin.

I love the most about the Ponds cold cream is the smell trust me the smell is awesome and from years they are using the same scents in it.

The ponds cold cream is a smooth cream which spreads easily into the skin.

Demo How it looks :

Pro’s :

  • Easily available in stores
  • Works for dry skin
  • Use as a moisturizer for lip hands and face
  • Can be used as a night cream
  • Smells lovely 😋
  • Less expensive

Con’s :

  • Ponds cold cream looks greasy on the face
  • Can only use on face at night

Will i purchase it again : YES

Rating : ( 4.8/ 5 )

Hope you guys liked my post and my review about Ponds cold cream.

I will ensure to post the best moisturizing cream for your face in my upcoming posts

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  1. I love Ponds! I use their night cream and it’s such a nice consistency and isn’t too thick on your skin. I’ve never tried the moisturizing cold cream, but it looks interesting!
    Sondra xx

  2. Hi there
    who does not like affordable when it comes to beauty products?Ponds is one of the very affordable cream with more pros than cons not to mention the wallet friendly price tag.
    So what if I cant use it during the day? I just get something else for daytime use.The only negative(to me is the greasiness)
    Where do you suggest to purchase Ponds cold cream online?which online vendor has the best price?

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