How To Take Care Of Your Heart During Winters

How To Take Care Of Your Heart During Winters

How To Take Care Of Your Heart During Winters- Winter is around the corner and we are struggling with innumerable layers to keep the heat and our temperatures steady. Winters can become really alarming and thus special attention and care is a must. But for people who have serious heart diseases, this season can turn into a nightmare. You might have heard that with winters, heart attacks and heart failures are quite common.

Let’s find out the reason why. Well, in winters and with ever-lowering temperatures, blood vessels begin to narrow. As the blood vessels get narrow, the blood flow is restricted. This reduces the amount of oxygen that reaches your heart and as a result, your heart has to pump extra to keep running this causes undue pressure on the heart which results in heart blockage or in worst cases heart failure. In winters blood pressure also rises which leads to the shrinking of coronary arteries and thus heart blockage.

Thus, with this winter season. Let’s have a look at what are the precautionary measures that must be undertaken to take care of your heart.

Salt and Water Intake

In the winter season, salt and water intake should be reduced. This is because there is zero to no sweating in winters and then the extra water gets accumulated in your lungs which results in lung and heart blockage. Thus, make sure that extra salt and water should bee avoided.

How To Take Care Of Your Heart During Winters

Dietary care

Don’t forget to include hot items and drinks in your diet. This will keep you well heated and warm from the inside which will further help you to keep your heart healthy and pumping.

Dietary Care Of Your Heart During Winters


It is very important to wear proper layers during winters. These warm layers will prevent you from getting cold and this will protect you from any untoward health issues.

How To Take Care Of Your Heart During Winters


Try to stay away from any kind of infection. Respiratory infections are quite common in winters. And thus these respiratory infections can sometimes get prolonged and thus this will have a bad effect on your body.

Warm inside

You can use heaters or even electric blankets. This will ensure that you stay well warm inside and thus your heart will also be pumping in a proper manner.


But with winters, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t move and stay still at one point. No, regular exercising is very important in the winter season as well. This will improve your blood circulation and thus your heart will also pump thoroughly and in a healthy manner.

Housing Arrangement

Make sure that your house is well heated. The minimum temperature of your house should be 18 degrees Celsius. This will ensure that your house is warm and thus the people staying inside are also properly warm and cozy.


Getting direct and natural lighting in your room is very important. Thus, don’t forget to keep your windows and curtains open where there is sunlight outside. And also make sure that your body gets direct sunlight. This will help you to fight against winter and also maintain your normal body functions effectively.

How To Take Care Of Your Heart During Winters


Try to minimize cold draughts by using draught excluders around letterbox, doors, and window frames.

Early signs of cold and flu

You must keep checking your body regularly. At any point in time, if you are suffering from a mild cold or flu, then rush to the doctor immediately.

It is very important to identify early signs and symptoms in your body. This will help to keep your heart healthy and pump it in the normal way.

Take care of your heart in this winter season for heart patient care in winter.

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