Mia Professional Facial Hair Remover

Hello Girls  Are u worried about your unwanted hair on your face , upper lip. Alike all girls I do have the same problem unwanted hair on my chip and upper lips. Visiting to parlors and giving them money is expensive. So bought Mia Professional Facial Hair Remover.

How The Product looks :


Mia Professional Facial Hair Remover


Above is the picture of the product it is just like a spring very flexible.


Price : 165 INR

(I ordered this product at INR 99 only 😳 )

My Experience With Mia Professional Facial Hair Remover :

How i get rid of my unwanted hair on face with mia professional facial hair remover.I brought this below product from amazon and I felt value for money. Every time I cant run to parlors for removing my face hair at home with this product i remove twice a week.Its being 2 years still am using this product and its is still working great.Now the cost of mia facial remover is high but i feel it is value for money.

How I Use The Product :

By twisting the mia facial remover on your hair roots simply blend it removes my face,chin and forehead hair in just in 5 min.
Mia facial remover is less painful than threading and waxing
I also use tweezer for long hair


Pros :

  • Less painful as using the product it is very less painful were compare to threading doing in parlors as the parlor Peoples seems to be doing it very hard
  • Not expensive, the product comes with an affordable price as normal threading for eye browns various from 40 to 100 rs just for an eye brow threading in the parlors
  • Time consuming is less using this products very effective

Cons :

  • Can’t use under eyebrows
  • The product need to be twisted a lot which lead to hand pain nut no pain no gain  am I right

Rating : 4.8/5

Will i purchase again : 

No because , already I have the product you can use it for many years 🤓
Hope you like my post this is the way I do for myself with very affordable and low pain for unwanted hair removal

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