The Face Shop Real Nature Rice Riz Face Mask

Trending now with face masks and sheets nowadays. I feel days gone where we use to do home facials going to parlors for a clean-up because new face masks are trending now. Here comes The Face Shop Real Nature Rice Riz Face Mask it can be used at home to get flawless skin.

About The Face Shop Face Mask :

The Faceshop is a Korean product As we know Koreans are called beauty devas because of their skin maintenance and because of their natural remedies and beauty products.

Price: INR 100 (1 sheet)

Ingredients of Rice Riz Face Mask :

Unlike many other brands, face shop is also a Korean brand but with natural equations in their products.

I have tried “RICE RIZ” face mask with is naturally extracted rice plant serum and is paraben-free. As Rice Riz Face Mask is filled with serum all over the sheet. so it’s easily absorbed into the skin when applied to your face and it has nice cuts which fit our face and has open for eyes, nose, and mouth.

How to Apply The Face Shop Real Nature Rice Riz Face Mask :

First, cleanse your face with a good cleanser and clean your face then just cut the pack and remove from the pack and apply the mask on your face and leave it for 20-30 minutes as the serum soaks into your skin.

After that remove the mask just tap on the face sheet it will get removed easily and you can find the serum on the face just gently massage it on the face all over.

It keeps our skin moist and soft like baby skin. It has a pleasant smell which keeps us relaxed. As it is a rice riz mask we can get benefits of rice extract and rice will brighten our skin and keep soft. It comes in various masks.

Rating: 4.7/5

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