Fab Bag March 2018

Fab Bag March 2018

Hello, girls, this time my fab bag in march 2018 came early so today I received my fab bag for the month of march I was very excited because they were a sugar matte lip colour was in this march fab bag.

So let us see what’s in my March Fab Bag

Below is the image of the Fab Bag in March 2018 and the theme for this month was The Game Changer. The bag was pretty good I received the bag in the color Pink in this month bag there were other colors too.

Delivery Time for Fab Bag March 2018 :

As said this time the delivery was very fast and I was happy for received this month bag fast and I can review it with you guys.

Price: 533 Rs
What’s In Fab Bag March 2018
  • SUGAR Suede Secret Matte Lipcolour – 09 Felt Fawn (Full Size: Rs 799/-)
  • NELF USA Collosal Eyeliner (Full Size: Rs 150/-)
  • Health Vit Activated Charcoal Face Wash (Full Size: Rs 200/-)
  • Kara Scentric Bleu Perfume (Rs:74/- for 2ml)
  • Ayorma Deep Exfoliator (Bonus One)

I received 5 products in this month Fab Bag let us See in detail each product

SUGAR Suede Secret Matte Lipcolour – 09 Felt Fawn

Price: Rs 799

Shade: 09 Felt Fawn

SUGAR Suede Secret Matte Lipcolour - 09 Felt Fawn

This was the most awaited product and star product for the Fab Bag in March 2018. The shade which I picked was 09 Felt Fawn and I received a mail to choose the SUGAR product when I check they are where many SUGAR products like Eye, Face Lip products then I have chosen Lip product there were many shades available after checking many shades I selected 09 Felt Fawn shade.

The shade I awesome it goes well with my lip colour and does not look patchy and it stays overall day. A big thumbs up for the product.

NELF USA Collosal Eyeliner

Price: Rs 150

Shade: 03 brown shade

NELF USA Collosal Eyeliner

This was another full-size product received in my Fab Bag in March 2018 this month. I received the shade in 03 others have received the shade in green-blue shades and the quality is also good.

The tip of the Eyeliner is very sharp and also I liked the quality. We can also share the eyeliner but they have not provided with any sharper. NELF has a very good quality not only in eyeliner but also in foundation range it’s a new brand which is working great.

It looks classy with good packaging and is easy to carry.

Health Vit Activated Charcoal Face Wash

Price: Rs 200

Health Vit Activated Charcoal Face Wash

Activated Charcoal was also a full-size product and I wanted to try Charcoal based mask I have not tried it and am looking forward to using it. So this product is not going to use I would like to gift it to some of my friends. I will show you the consistency of the face wash via a picture look below. I feel the colour looks like Sunsilk shampoo 🙂

It claims that it will revitalize skin, cleanses pores, removes excess oil.

Kara Scentric Bleu Perfume

Price: Rs 74 for 2ml

Seriously I was happy to see perfume in Fab Bag March 2018 this time but it was very disappointing for me because all the perfume was separated in the bag and I received an empty bottle 🙁 but the smell was good I was unable to use it. So the price for this product for me is a waste.

Ayorma Deep Exfoliator

Exfoliator from Ayorma Deep was a bonus for me in the Fab Bag and it was amazing I also used the product and the dullness on my face and oiliness was gone and my face looked very fresh after using this product.

Overall My Experience with Fab Bag March 2018

Fab Bag March 2018

so overall out of 5 products that I received in Fab Bag in March 2018 that I only felt worth was only 3 products SUGAR Suede Secret Matte Lipcolour, NELF USA Collosal Eyeliner and bonus one Ayorma Deep Exfoliator only.

The Star product was SUGAR Suede Secret Matte Lipcolour it was amazing out of my expectations. I can use the Eyeliner as an eyeliner and also I can smug the eyeliner and use it as an eye shadow as well.

Cons of Fab Bag March 2018 was Kara Scentric Bleu Perfume because I received the empty bottle all the perfume was in the bag. I wish I receive the full-size product of Kara Scentric Bleu Perfume and Ayorma Deep Exfoliator.

Pros were the delivery time which was very fast this month and also last month my name was not correct in the Name Card this month it was the correct name. I was happy to see the correct name they have printed this time my correct name. Overall I felt this month bag was not that much happy I was slightly disappointing apart from the lip colour.

Overall Rating of Fab Bag March 2018: 3/5

Hope you like my review of the Fab Bag for March 2018 let us see what we will receive in the next month:- )


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