Faconn Sandalwood Mist Review

Faconn Sandalwood Mist Review

Faconn Sandalwood Mist Review – Since summers have already begun, our skincare stash also deserves to be changed. And one product that features in my summer skincare staple every year is facial mists. Facial mists have been one of my favourite products. It refreshes and keeps my skin fresh like anything. So, I was excited when I got Faconn Sandalwood Mist as a part of the monthly box from Grabox.

Let’s find out if the product fared well on my skincare charter or not.

Price of Faconn Sandalwood Mist Rs. 200
Shelf Life: 18 Months
Ingredients of Faconn Sandalwood Mist

Double Distilled water, vitamin E oil, Vegetable glycerin, sandalwood extracts, Sandalwood oil & natural colour.

Faconn Sandalwood Mist Review

Faconn Sandalwood Mist comes in regular facial mist packaging. It comes in the form of a spray dispenser which is transparent and is a plastic bottle. You can find product details written all over the bottle and this is what I find quite informative for the users. Also, the transparent packaging enables you to see the amount of product left inside the bottle.

The facial mist is of sandalwood variety and the mist smells heavily of sandalwood. And the best part about the mist is that the sandalwood smell is 100% natural and not artificial. You just need to simply press the nozzle and you will get the perfect quantity.


This is a 100 ml bottle and thus I feel one bottle will easily last you for one summer. The best part about the facial mist is that you can use them in multipurpose ways. Either use it with your powdered face pack or just spray them as a makeup finisher at the end and your makeup will sit for a good amount of time. Or my favourite way to use facial mists are just to spray them on the face to keep your face cool and refreshed in the summer. And since I love dewy makeup thus facial mists are one of my favourite products. Also, the best part about Faconn Sandalwood Mist is that they last long on your face and thus gets a huge thumbs up from my side.

Pros of Faconn Sandalwood Mist
  • Contains real sandalwood extracts
  • Lasts long
  • Can be used in a multipurpose way
Cons of Faconn Sandalwood Mist
  • None for me
Rating of Faconn Sandalwood Mist Review 5/5

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