Armpit Razor Review

Armpit Razor Review

Armpit Razor Review – Hii Ladies, Have you ever heard of razors being given as a part of a monthly makeup box? Well, Grabox has done that and no doubt it has impressed and shocked me like anything. Grabox is one such amazing makeup subscription box that does not only include skin and makeup products but also skincare tools as well. And thus the May Grabox contains an armpit razor.

Let’s have a look at the detailed review of Armpit Razor from May Grabox.
Price of Armpit Razor Rs. 90

Armpit Razor Review


Armpit Razor from May Grabox is extremely cute and travel friendly. It is compact in size and light blue which is extremely attractive and stylish at the same time. Armpit Razor comes in a sky blue translucent body that has a white rubber handle at the top. The white rubber handle ensures that you get a firm grip when the razor is in your hands. The neck of the Armpit Razor is angled which ensures that it is flexible and the shaving process is smooth and hassle-free.

The razor comes without any blade and thus you can fit the blade as per your convenience and requirement. The handle of the armpit Razor is short and thus proper hold could be ensured. The plastic handle also is extremely effective when you are removing the hair in the bathroom. It allows a firm grip and thus the handle will not slip from your hands.

With Armpit Razor shaving is a smooth and hassle-free process. But the negative part is that tiny hair couldn’t be removed with this armpit Razor.

Pros of Armpit Razor
  • Travel friendly
  • Attractive look
  • Removes hair effectively
  • Firm grip
Cons of Armpit Razor
  • Unable to remove tiny hair
Ratings – 3/5

Would I recommend this product to others?
Yes, Armpit Razor is good for removing regular hair but if you have tiny hair then this is not the one for you.



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