Biotique Gold Radiance Facial Kit Gold Bhasma Brightening & Polishing Skin

Hello Girls !! Today review is about biotique gold facial kit, In biotique we have other facial kits as well like papaya anti tan kit, Pearl kit, Diamond kit and silver facial kit.I had purchased this Biotique Gold Radiance Facial Kit. Here is the review.

Biotique Gold Radiance Facial Kit Gold Bhasma - Brightening & PolishingSkin

Price : 235 Rs.

(I have purchase this product from paytm at discount price at 156 Rs only 🙂 )

Description of Biotique Gold Radiance Facial Kit Gold Bhasma – Brightening & Polishing Skin:

Facial Kit contains the below products, which can be used for 2 to 3 times
All the box contains 15 grams product.  The Biotique Gold Radiance Facial with 24 carat pure gold, gives a natural and glowing skin.

  • Face Scrub
  • Massage Gel
  • Peel Off Mask
  • Face Cream
  • FREE Swiss Magic Dark Spot Corrector

Packaging of Biotique Gold Radiance Facial Kit Gold Bhasma :

The Kit looks like this. Packing of the containers are really cute and after the containers are empty we can use them.

This kit is travel friendly and no need to worry about the product leakage as the containers are very good and tightly packed.

In This facial Kit we do get a user manual inside the box. The facial kit Life span is 3 years. Biotique Gold Kit is dermatologist tested and good thing is no animal testing were done 🙂

Gold Radiance Face Scrub :

The first step is scrubbing.Take an appropriate amount Gold Scrub and apply evenly on clean, wet face. Gold radiance scrub is a pleasant smelling, golden gel based scrub with tiny grains for exfoliation. As the scrub is gel based it wont be irritating the skin.

Slowly scrub your face in circular direction and wash your face with water or remove the product with cotton.

Gold Radiance Massage Gel :

Take an appropriate amount of Gold Massage Gel and apply on face and neck. Slowly massage till the gel gets absorbed in the skin.Gel gets absorbed very fast and then i feel massaging the gel becomes a bit difficult.

Gold Radiance Peel Off Mask :

Apply Gold Peel-Off Mask in a thin layer over the face and neck area with fingertips.Avoid the eye area and leave it till it dries off. To peel off the mask, free all the edges gently. Then remove the mask along the direction of growth of the facial fair.

The Biotique swiss magic dark spot corrector :

Biotique swiss magic dark spot corrector which is creamy in texture and claims to reduce blemishes is an addition in all of Biotique facial kits. I felt it is not effective. But lot of girls liked Biotique swiss magic dark spot corrector as they found very effective.

Gold Radiance Face Cream :

Apply Gold Cream on the face and neck, massage for 15-20 minutes in circular motion.

Massage until cream gets completely dissolved in to the skin.It can be used as a night cream as well.

Over all Review :

Skin looks hydrated and nourished. It has a very mild fragrance, which relaxes the senses. The skin does look better.

Rating : ( 4.8/5 )

I definitely recommend this kit as it gives skin a good brightness and feels fresh and a parlour facial at home. This kit is useful to oily skin tone. I definitely recommend this gold kit for glowing skin at affordable price.


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