Is Keratin Good for thin hair?

Is Keratin Good for thin hair?

There are a number of hair treatments available nowadays. Most of the treatments aim to beautify and glam up your hair like Is Keratin Good for thin hair. But sadly only some of them work equally well. Keratin is one such amazing hair treatment. 

This is a very popular hair treatment. Keratin hair treatment has gained immense popularity in recent times. People love and hate keratin hair treatment. Yes, the treatment has received both good words and bad words. But the point here is to understand what keratin treatment is all about and who is it for.    

Keratin is present in everyone’s hair naturally. When natural keratin is lost from your hair, then your hair tends to become too frizzy and dry. And that is the main objective of keratin treatment. Keratin treatment is recommended only when your hair becomes unmanageable, extremely dry and frizzy. Keratin is a kind of smoothing treatment for your hair. It smoothies out your hair and thus your hair turns out to be much more manageable and has an incredible amount of shine and bounce. The hair has a much more straight look as well.  

Is Keratin Good for thin hair? 

Keratin treatment has different effects on different hair types. If keratin treatment is done on thin hair type, then it will make the hair much more sleek and the volume will be almost halved of the already thin hair. Hence keratin treatment is never recommended for thin hair type. This reduces volume of your hair and thus hair stylists never recommend keratin treatment for thin hair. 

Is Keratin Good for thin hair

Let us understand in detail what Keratin treatment is all about. Keratin is a kind of protein which is naturally present in your hair. But due to constant sun exposure and chemical treatments and too much of styling keratin component which is naturally present in your hair begins to deplete and this is the reason why natural keratin is lost from your hair. These days we suffer from regular environmental threats and the results on our hair is disastrous. Thus, the hair is bound to suffer in such unhealthy and claustrophobic conditions. 

When you go for keratin treatment, then it is like an extra protection or shield to your hair. Keratin treatment fills the gap in your hair thus making it one of the most desired and sought after hair treatments. It protects your hair and shields it against natural pollutants and other harmful chemicals. This makes your hair much more manageable, shiny and tangle free. Keratin treatment restores protein back into your hair and thus it helps to take care of all your hair worries at the same time. 


Keratin Treatment: Longevity 

But here comes the sad and difficult part. Keratin treatment does not last long. It is not permanent in nature. Keratin treatment is also similar to straightening and rebounding process. Once your hair begins to grow, the effect of keratin treatment won’t be there. Your hair will grow in usual shape and size and back to it’s original form. 

Thus, keratin treatment is not permanent in nature. And thus for a long term basis you must look at other measures to restore life back to your hair than keratin treatment. 

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