10 Best Hair Oil For Hair Growth

10 Best Hair Oil For Hair Growth
Hair is one of the most important accessories for a girl. And we all cherish our hair and want to give it the best look and shape. So here we go with the 10 Best Hair Oil For Hair Growth and thicker hair growth. But thanks to the sedentary lifestyle and pollution all around us, hair growth has suffered a lot. Most of us today have dull, dry and rough tresses which have impacted our hair and as a result, we cut down our hair. 

After which we again keep looking for some of the 10 Best Hair Oil For Hair Growth ways to increase hair growth and thus let’s have a look at some of the best hair oils for hair growth

10 Best Hair Oil For Hair Growth

1. Biotique Bio Bhringraj Hair Growth Oil

The hair growth oil is amazingly light and it has a very soothing fragrance on the hair. This hair oil can be used by girls of any hair type and it is known to keep your hair soft and manageable at the same time.

Price: INR 239

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2. Khadi Natural Vitalising Hair Growth Oil

The hair growth oil is made up of sesame oil, coconut extracts, rosemary drops, and Indian liquorice. This not only prevents hair fall but also strengthens the hair follicles at the same time.

Price : INR 298

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3. G Drops Castor Oil Cold Pressed

Do you know that castor oil is best for your hair growth? It is very thick oil but it nourishes your hair from inside. This hair oil makes your hair soft at the same time. You can also use this hair oil with a combination of other oils.

Price: INR 179

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4. Soulflower Cold pressed Olive Carrier Oil

This is an organic hair oil that cures dandruff and other infections on your hair. This is a great way to prevent hair fall. This oil is also rich in multivitamins which are extremely beneficial for hair.

Price: INR 299

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5. Earth Organic Amla Hibiscus Hair oil

The oil is rich in amla extracts, hibiscus and fenugreek which makes the hair oil one of the most potent solutions for hair growth. Amla and Hibiscus are known to reduce hair fall whereas fenugreek helps to reduce dandruff and infections from your hair.

Price: INR 550

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6. SoulTree Revitalising Hair Oil

This is one of the most lightweight hair oil which does not make your hair greasy and sticky. This keeps the hair light so that your hair remains soft even after washing. This is a perfect hair oil where you don’t need a conditioner post applying the oil.

Price: INR 1300

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7. Bhringaraj hair Oil

This is an organic hair oil that is extremely good for your hair. It cures the hair of any infections and the hair oil is rich in Eclipta Alba and Seasame Oil. This hair oil is known to prevent greying of hair and also reduces hair fall to a great extent.

8. Aroma Magic Stimulates Blended hair oil

This hair oil is rich in an essential blend of many more oils which are known to beautify your hair like anything. This not only increases blood circulation in your hair but also helps to cure any scalp infections.

Price: INR 329

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9. Amaira Intensive Hair Oil By Royal Indulgence

This hair oil is made with 12 organic herbs which make the hair oil a unique combination for your hair. It is a positive effect on hair growth and thus it strengthens your hair roots at the same time.

Price: INR 1199

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10. Argan oil 

This hair oil is rich in antioxidants which gives great shape to your hair. The oil is known to nourish your hair and thus it makes the hair soft in the long term. Argan oil is rich in vitamin E which is known to add shine and lustre to your hair.


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