Products I Regret Buying

A lot of you go through reviews online think a lot before purchasing some products. I have some Products I Regret Buying them and I really regret why i bought them they are of no use 😒. I never recommend them to use to save your money by buying those stuff.

Products I Regret Buying

5 Products I Regret Buying

  1. Nova Gold System Professional Hair Spray
  2. Nivea Whitening Roll On
  3. Dazzler mascara
  4. Street wear lip gloss
  5. Dazller Lipstick

Above are the list of things which doesn’t worked with me. Maybe it could worked for you but for me it went for a toss 👎

Nova Gold System Professional Hair Spray

I personally like my hair because it enhance my hairstyle very well. Looking beauty is how important being fashionable is also that much important. I am sure everyone be it women or men we all like to try new hairstyles.

I bought this nova hair spray after looking online as other hairspray are costly I though to try this one as it was affordable at a local store.
It was a regret buying this because it doesn’t worked for me

Not liked : This Nova Gold system professional hair spray consists of lot if chemical it includes alcohol. As i have silky hair it gives a shine which looks like oily for hair. I felt stickiness on my hair. After using this next day my hair looked very oily messy , after a use i need to take head bath which i have not liked. I have used only 2 or 3 times now am not using this hair spray. I feel this is a waste buy.

Nivea Whitening Smooth Skin Deodorant Roll On

I like to wear a perfume so i got through them I felt perfume is not working through the day. In my busy schedule there is a lot of sweat coming i though of switching to a deo. I was frightened about my under arms wear some blackness is there so I decided to go with nivea whitening roll on deodorant .

This deodorant was an online purchase as there was a deal in paytm I grabbed it. This Product consists of Licorice and avocado extracts which whiter the underarms

Price – INR 89

Not liked : This deodorant roll on is not worth of money as it is used evenly on your underarms. as it takes very long time to dry the deodorant which is a time waste and i don’t feel like it had whitened my underarms. but yes the smell is good it will stay through out the day. We need to wait a longer period before dressing us the cloths. As it says 48hrs I don’t think so it does

The people who don’t have much time like me I wont recommend this product.

Dazzler mascara

This Dazzler mascara is a product i regret buying because it is not a waterproof mascara as it claims. Bought it from a local market when i open the dazzler mascara from the packet I find the product was too dry to use very less liquid was there. I don’t feel like i applied a mascara. I don’t even cover your eyelashes very well

Street Wear Color Rich Mega Shine Lip Gloss Party Melon

Love lip gloss , lipstick i will try variety of lip colors i was in looking for a glossy lip colors on my lips then i bought streetwear lip gloss on-line from amazon. I buyed this lip gloss because the color look unique wanted to try it

Price – INR 150

Not liked : I regret buying this mega shine lip gloss party melon because it doesn’t last longer more over there are no ingredients shown on this lip gloss which is a think to. The product doesn’t last for longer period and it is very melty lip gloss. The lipgloss is leaking and I don’t even liked the smell of the lip gloss.

Might be other shades from the street wear are good but this party melon is not a worth buy for me.

Dazller lip stick

Lip stick was a must buy for me I was looking for a lipstick color in nude lipstick I went to a mall where I saw a dazller store I walked in i asked them for a lipstick they gave me the sheet of shades. As I was looking for a nude lipstick I picked the shade 134 while looking at the shade and the color I was happy.

Price – INR 100

Not liked : I hated this Dazzler Lipstick 134 shade I was literally angry i don’t like the smell there is no color on my lips. Lipstick was very hard as if i was using a very cheap brand. I have not tried testing the product but i really was regret buying this dazller lipstick. The color of this shade does not even shown on my lips. The smell was really bad i well never take again any dazller products.

The above review about Products I Regret Buying is based on my personal experience when i used them . It may differ to you if you tried any one of the above and had a worse experience are if you liked the above listed product feel free to comment below it may help others while taking the beauty products to save their money.


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  1. Its true, you should think about it first before buying things that are not really needed, its a waste of money and time and energy.

  2. As a frugal lifestyle blogger, I like the fact that we can recognise that some purchases are useless and just a waste of money! Thanks for sharing and maybe saving others from making those purchases.

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