DIY for Thicker Eye Lashes

Hello Guys, Hope you’re doing well ? DIY how to get Thicker Eye Lashes ! Here are some DIY for thicker eyelashes Do try them


DIY for Thicker Eye Lashes

Now a days it’s really important to look beautiful and like so we do makeup and in spit of having false eyelashes available in make-up store still we look for natural growth for thicker lashes.  I think fake is a fake like a fake eyelashes! What say ?
So have a look for natural thicker eyelashes.

Do You wish to have a natural eye lashes and are you worried about your lashes are not growing enough  you are not only the one whom are thing they are many people think so and enhance the beauty of eyes.

There are the many reason for not having bigger eye lashes it could be age , lack of proteins in your body maybe certain medical illness, eye infection and it could be hormonal imbalance other reasons would be rubbing your eye and not removing your eye makeup while you go for bed. so try the below ways to get good result. Remember if wont be do in immediate effect it takes some time to grow and need to do regularly

DIY How to get Thicker Eye Lashes

Coconut Oil :

By using coconut oil the growth of eye lashes increases. By using a Cotton swab dip a swab into coconut oil and apply on your eyelashes daily at night.
It will increase your growth and becomes thicker eyelashes.


Castor oil :

Castor oil helps in growing the eyelashes very fast and also it fight will eye infection related problems that stop in growing your eye lashes. Apply castor oil which the help of cotton swab and additionally you can add vitamin E oil and apply on your eye lashes when you go to bed.


Baby Power :

For thicker eye lashes use baby powder once you apply eye mascara on your lashes.
Repeat the same step by applying baby powder and again apply another coat of mascara. Dust out the excess powder to avoid clumps.


Olive oil :

Olive oil nourishes your thin lashes which helps to grow eyelashes faster and works to increase the dar eye lashes. How you will apply mascara same apply the olive oil on your lashes for whole night and in the more wash your eye lashes. Do it for few months for great result.


Aloevera gel

Using aloe vera gel on your eye lashes will also increasing in growth of your eye lashes because in ale vera gel lot of nutrients and vitamins are available. Ale vera gel acts a moist for your eye lashes

Above are the tips you can try to let me know

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  1. Eyelashes they just add a dynamic to my look. I use the fake eyelashes to achieve my look. However, it would be nice to have longer thicker eyelashes naturally. I will try the olive oil and the Olive oil to promote hair growth as you advised.

  2. I kinda need this, seriously. I think I have the thinnest straight eyelashes. I really need to grow them thicker will try one of these essential oils, maybe it would work out.Thanks.

  3. ha! I have been looking for ways to make my lashes thicker – nothing REALLY helps to be honest, but then again, my lashes are terrible to begin with so perhaps don’t try and fix something that ain’t broken? LOL! I use castor oil on the regular to take my eye make up off… Which does a very good job, but thicker and longer lashes… Not seeing that.

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