How Moms Can Pamper Themselves At Home

Post motherhood our priorities change and we are occupied with one thing or another. Basically, a mom is on the job 24*7. Being a mother our day starts and ends with ensuring everything is perfectly done for our kids and family. How Moms Can Pamper Themselves At Home you can read below.

In doing so, we totally forget about ourselves and not care much about self-care. However, it is very curial to treat ourselves occasionally. Self-care is very vital for every individual, especially mothers. This makes us happy and healthy. That does not mean papering is only for mothers who have a babysitter or those who can spend a huge amount.

Here are some amazing suggestions, which will work brilliantly for even super busy moms! You can be a stay at home mom or a working mom or a single mother – do take at least 20 minutes out for yourself and pamper yourself in any of the following ways!

1. Take a Nap

It is very obvious for mothers to have less sleep. According to the studies taking a quick power nap is a great way to rejuvenate yourself and you will feel super energetic the entire day. It will elevate your mood and help you to prevent making silly mistakes and getting agitated easily. The best part is, it is absolutely free of cost – so ahead and have a lay in!

2. Get a Pedicure Done

It is one of my favourite suggestion to paper myself. I am sure, you will feel great after a gentle foot massage and beautifully painted nails. If you do not have time for visiting the parlour or interested in spending money for a professional pedicure session, you can always do it yourself.

Just put your feet in a warm tub of water, add 1/4 cup of baking soda and few drops of your favourite essential oil. The soda will work as an agent to soften your feet and essential oil will provide much-needed relaxation. Post the foot bath, clip your toenails and quickly scrub your toes and feet. Once you are done, apply your favourite lotion on feet and legs. Finally, paint your toes nails with your favourite shade – all in 20 minutes or less!

3. Get A Massage

Ask your hubby to give you a quick massage before bed! You both can do this for each other once a week. It will help you relax and talk about your day in an unhurried manner. If your kids are awake then let them jump in by climbing onto your back. This will give you an impromptu massage while keeping the kiddo occupied!

4. Order Your Favourite Dinner Once In a While

Once you put the kids to bed, enjoy a quiet romantic meal with your partner. Create an ambience lit some candles and order your favourite food, play some romantic numbers and spend some quality time with your partner. Do it once a month and see the difference it brings to your relationship!

5. Read a Book

Being a mom you are always busy with managing the home, kids and I am sure, you won’t remember the last time you read a book. If you feel, you don’t have time to read a good book, put the kids early to bed and get started. Reading will make your mind sharper and you will get a break from the mundane!

6. Meditation

It is good for your health and is an ultimate way to relax yourself. Sit comfortably in a room and concentrate on breathing. Once your breath is slowed, give some time to your mind to get rid of unnecessary thoughts. If random things pop into your mind, gently get rid of them and focus on calming your mind. After a good meditating session, you will feel extremely relaxed and calm.

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