Hair Care Tips for Textured and Curly Hair

Hair Care Tips for Textured and Curly Hair

Hair Care Tips for Textured and Curly Hair – Textured and curly hair, when healthy and well-maintained, has its own gorgeous, unique beauty. Shiny, bouncy curls and waves look wonderfully vibrant and feminine and are often the envy of women with straight, limp hair. However, textured and curly hair can be notoriously difficult to maintain. Here are a few tips on how to properly care for this particular hair type:

Hair Care Tips for Textured and Curly Hair

Avoid Heat

Textured and curly hair can become very dry and brittle if not properly cared for, or if exposed to too much heat. Whether from the sun or from styling tools. If you’re the type who likes to regularly style her hair, you can reduce the amount of stress you put on your hair by investing in high-quality hair extensions. Hair extensions allow you to quickly change your look without damaging your natural hair. For a versatile option, try the Brazilian body wave bundles from

When buying hair extensions, it’s worth investing in high-quality pieces from a reputable company like True Glory Hair. Nothing would spoil your look more than hair that looks obviously fake. High-quality hair extensions are made from real virgin hair, so they look, feel and move just like natural hair. They are also well-made and durable, so they can withstand constant styling and use. For extensions that are closer to your natural hair texture, consider getting Brazilian deep wave bundles, so they will blend in seamlessly.

If you must style your natural hair, always remember to apply a heat protectant spray or product before using heated styling tools. Protect your hair also when you go out in the sun, by wearing a hat, wrapping your hair in a scarf, or applying a hair product with SPF to shield your strands from the harsh rays of the sun. You can also invest in hair styling tools with multiple settings to avoid accidental overheating or burning.

Skip the Shampoo

Textured and curly hair doesn’t need to be shampooed as often as straight hair. Because of the texture of your hair, it’s harder for your strands to hold on to moisture, and shampooing can further strip your strands of their natural oils and hydration. Overly dry strands can become brittle and prone to breakage, while an overly dry scalp can become irritated and develop dandruff.

How often you should shampoo your hair depends on your own unique hair type and condition. But generally, textured and curly hair can get away with being shampooed only once every two or three days. This should be enough to keep your hair clean without drying it out or damaging it. If your hair starts to feel greasy between washes, using dry shampoo can help get rid of excess oil and keep your strands smelling fresh. It can also help give your hair extra volume and body.

Condition Regularly

It’s crucial to condition your hair regularly if you have textured or curly hair. Conditioner keeps your hair healthy, shiny, and strong by replenishing any moisture lost after you shampoo. It acts as a protective seal for your hair, coating each strand with a fine film that seals in moisture and prevents it from escaping.

There is a right way to condition your hair. After shampooing your hair, gently squeeze out excess water from your strands until your hair is no longer dripping wet. Water dilutes the conditioner and can make it less effective. Gently work a dime-sized amount of conditioner through your hair by applying it with long, smooth strokes, taking care to reach the ends. This will help you avoid getting split ends, so your hair can grow longer and stronger. Don’t rinse it off right away; leave it on for a couple of minutes to give it time to fully penetrate your hair strands and take full effect.

Textured and curly hair may require more maintenance and care than other hair types. But with patience and consistency, you can have beautiful, bouncy, shiny hair that is the envy of all your straight-haired friends.

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