Face Packs For Oily Skin

Face Packs For Oily Skin

Hi Girls., How are you doing? Today am going to post you guys face packs for oily skin best products for effective CTM routine for oily skin in India

Multani Mitti Pack

Required :

    1. Multani mitti
    2. Rose water or water
Multani mitti


Method :

Take a bowl add multani mitti into it then  add some rose-water in the multani mitti and mix well till it becomes paste. With the help of brush apply it all over your face avoid eye area and wait for 15 minutes to dry the pack after that wash you face with water.


Himalaya Mud Pack


Face Packs For Oily Skin

If your are not willing to mix mud pack and us it you can opt for Himalaya mud pack  it is easy to use. Mud pack is affordable as well with low-cost.

Mud pack will also tighten your skin and pores also it helps in oil control. Use this mud pack once a week.

Oats Honey Pack :

Oats Honey Pack


Oats are the best thing for skin care routine as oats have skin benefits vitamins. Take oats in a bowl add honey to it then add some water to be like a paste. Mix well and then apply on your face. Let it dry then wash your Face with water

Besan Pack :

Since from my childhood am aware of this tip. Take some besan and mix it will milk in it and apply on your face, This will not only helps to reduce oily skin but also your skin looks glowing.

Aloe Vera Gel :

We all know aloe vera is the best remedy for all skin problems and it very useful to control diabetics also. So mix aloe vera gel with lemon juice and apply it on your skin after that wash your face.

Tomato Mask :

You can use tomato not only in your kitchen but also as a beauty level as a face mask. Take a tomato and cut it slice then apply on your face and massage with the slice. Doing this will also improve your face complexion

Egg Mask :

This egg mask is my favorite and must try mask, It’s very simple to use take egg white and with the help of tissues apply on your face. Remember first you cut tissues into pieces so that it will be easy to apply on your face.

Tips for oily skin:

  • Do wash your face for every 3 hours so that your skin gets cleaned
  • Carry wet tissues to remove oily on your face
  • Use an oily removal face wash
  • If you want to apply foundation is would suggest you go with gel based foundation
  • Dust your face with a loose power
  • Drink lots of water
  • Ensure you remove your makeup when you go to your bed

 We all know how important is our face and to look good. I personally have an oily skin and i will let you know how i take care of my face to get rid of oily skin.

Main cause of oily skin would be change of skin products, stress, hormonal imbalance which also leads to pimples on face.

Dos and Doesn’t :

  • Do wash your face with lukewarm water for 3-4 times a day
  • Must avoid salt water and use drinking water for face wash which also avoids to acne or pimples
  • Use wet tissues to avoid oiliness on the skin
  • Don’t use harsh products on the skin
  • Use gel based products on the skin to avoid oily skin
  • Use face pack one’s a week
  • Twice a week scrub your face

Thank You for visiting my page and checking my tips

Above are the few things which is follow to get rid of pimples.

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