Mondsub Peeling Off Black Mask Charcoal

Mondsub Peeling Off Black Mask
Ever since I was planning to buy a charcoal mask for me as it’s a booming charcoal mask, peel off are treading on youtube or all over online for dead skin or facial hair removal. So finally I got Mondsub Peeling Off Black Mask Charcoal in my Glamego March Box 2018. In this post, I will be giving you my first impression of Mondsub Peeling Mask.

Mondsub Peeling Off Black Mask Charcoal

Product Description :

Mondsub Peeling Off Black Mask Charcoal contains Volcanic Mud and Charcoal Powder which has powerful penetration it can rapidly penetrate the bottom of the skin thoroughly cleansing skin pores making the skin look more clean and bright. With added Arbutin extract it can prevent melanin precipitation and keep the skin whitening and beautiful.


Packaging of charcoal peel-off mask comes with a box-like form and all the information of the product is printed on it. The product comes with a shelf-life of 3 years. Inside the box, we get the product with a flip-top cover. The product is in black.

Mondsub Peeling Off Black Mask Charcoal Claims :

  • Deep Cleansing Mask
  • Whitening & Rejuvenating System
  • Dark Spot Remover
  • Nose Blackhead Remover
How to Use Mondsub Peeling Off Black Mask Charcoal

Mondsub Peeling Off Black Mask Charcoal

  1. Clean your face with lukewarm water to open your pores using a warm moist towel and cleanse your face.
  2. Slowly apply the mask on your face when it’s completed dry all over your face on the nose, chin and forehead
  3. Avoid eyes and hair contact
  4. Allow the mask to work on your skin for 20 minutes. Peel off the mask when it is completely dry
  5. Rinse with clean water; apply to tighten toner or moisturizer cream to refine pores.
  6. Recommended usage is three times per week.
  • This product can be used by women and men
  • Removes facial hairs
  • By using this product black and whiteheads are removed
  • After using face feels soft and smooth
  • Best to use on your nose area as it removes black and whiteheads
  • Gives a Fairer look on your face
  • Constance is real good
  • Not an affordable product as it is expensive
  • It’s very painful and avoids on eye and place where you have hair like eyebrows because if it struck its very painful to remove
  • The smell is like a fevikwik
  • After use, your face will be seen some redness on the face

Mondsub Peeling Off Black Mask Charcoal My Final Review 

I have honestly not tried any charcoal mask before now I tried this product when I applied it on my face the smell of the product felt like am applying fevikwik smell it’s weird. I have applied it all over my clean face I waited for 20 to 25 minutes to dry and then peel off gently. While removing trust me it pains a lot my tears came out from my eyes.

Below is the result of the Mondsub Peeling Off Black Mask Charcoal. As you can see my facial hair and blackheads are removed from my face. It made my skin soft and smooth. Avoid eye area and eyebrows.

I recommend applying a think layer and letting I dry completely for best results. And I also recommend not to use this product if you are unable to handle the pain but yes if you can handle the pain you can see the results of blackhead and white hairs being removed from your skin.

Finally verdict:

Yes, it works and for best results, you may use it thrice a week and I suggest doing a patch test on your skin before you apply it all over your face.

Rating: 4/5
Note: This is not a sponsored post all the information is by me and used by me to give the review

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