Pee Buddy – Travel Hygiene Kit – Giveaway

Pee Buddy Travel Hygiene Kit

Pee Buddy Travel Hygiene Kit have you heard about India’s first female travel hygiene kit which consists of all the female stuff that can be used when you travel out. Pee buddy came with an all-in of travel kit for women.

You can have a look at their website at Main collections have two travel hygiene kits one is a standard travel kit and the other is a premium travel kit.

 price of Pee Buddy Travel Hygiene Kit

What is PeeBuddy :This brand came with interesting products for women how do hesitate to pee in unfriendly toilets. Pee buddy SAY NO TO UNHYGIENIC TOILETS. The product was launched in mid-2014 to counter dirty toilets of India and protect women from deadly infections. Pee Buddy has was the first women’s device to be in the Limca book of record.

Price of Pee Buddy Travel Hygiene Kit: INR 299 only!
Pee Buddy Travel Hygiene Kit Product Description :

Pee buddy which is showcasing is a standard travel hygiene kit for her that has 6 products in it. These travel hygiene kits contain female unique hygiene products which come in handy for women in peculiar situations. Products in the kit are used in our daily life. All we have in this travel hygiene kit for females is to be fresh active protected clean.

Inside the Pee Buddy Travel Hygiene Kit
  1. Peebuddy
  2. Period pain relief patch
  3. Disposal bags
  4. Intimate wet wipes
  5. Underarm sweat pads
  6. Mosquito Repellent patches

1. Pee buddy

Pee buddy

We women now can Stand and pee in all unfriendly toilets with PeeBuddy. A safer way to escape for UTI which is a urinary tract infection usually gets caught by using public toilets and unhygienic toilets. Most of the women use public toilets because of the work they do and they can’t every time hold pee then come back and pee at home. If you hold the pee for a longer thing more chances to get UTI even. I was infected by a Urinary infection a year ago which was very hard to go.

My Symptom of Urinary infection was sensing to pee, peeing a lesser but getting the sense to pee every time. Later I visited to doctor to cure the urinary infections. To be on the safer side you may try these types of products.

How to Use Pee Buddy Travel Hygiene Kit

In this kit 2 packets are available in each pack two pee-buddy product is available.
It can be used in Railway stations, Hospitals, Airplanes, etc the places where you feel to use it.

The product can be used how men pee. Just you need to pee into the cardboard funnel, the broad end must me toward you while the narrow end must be pointing downwards to pee with the given products and you do have a disposal cover and wet wipes to be clean.
It is a one-time use product once used needs to be disposed of after use. As it is hard cardboard it cant be flushed into the toilet.

2. Period Pain Relief Patch

sirona Pain Relief Patch

Discreetly fight period Pain with Herbal Pain Relief Patch. It gives relief for 12 hours in the measurable cycle and it is a herbal pain relief patch. Use if you have stomach cramps during your periods which gives relief of pain. Products is a natural one to use apart from the periods you can also use the product in normal time which you have any pain such.

A period pain relief patch is a Long lasting herbal patch for freedom from period cramps pain. Say no to pill or spray now after using this product.

3. Disposal bags

Disposal bags

Dispose of intimate use items cleanly and discreetly with Clean. Disposal bags can be used For discreet or hygienic disposal of sanitary products like tampons. pads, diapers, etc.

4. Intimate wet wipes

Sirona Intimate wet wipes

Freshen up on the go with cool Wet Wipes. Intimate wipes can be used For keeping intimate areas clean and fresh and also they can be used as Multi-use wipes For keeping hands, face & surfaces clean.

5. Underarm sweat pads

Underarm sweat padsUnderarm sweat pads

No sweat stains. Use Underarm Sweat Pads For freedom from underarm sweat & odour.

6. Mosquito Repellent patches

Mosquito Repellent patchesMosquito Repellent patches

Where to Buy :

Amazon, PeeBuddy

My Experience with Peebuddy Standard Travel Hygiene Kit for Her

The theme which they came was a unique thing ever and has a very good thought behind it am supersized to have the travel hygiene kit. Most of us women are very particular about our hygiene and our pain behind them. I have many friends who don’t Pee when we are out, it’s only because they are scared to use public toilets and the hygiene about them. This travel hygiene kit by peebuddy is the best solution for them to pee like a pro in public toilets without hesitation about our private part.
No more to tensed of dirty toilets and tension of how to dispose of used sanitary products. I received a samples travel kit and am very much impressed am already liking the kit and will purchase from next time.

Final Verdict and Rating: 5/5

I liked the concept of the peebuddy which I do recommend to everyone and yes Most of the doctors are recommending using peebuddy for better safety. Travel hygiene kit is very affordable which has 6 products which is a wow factor. The best solution for women who don’t want to use public toilets can be to use this awesome travel kit. Overall I liked the concept of the products which they made unique.

Pee Buddy – Travel Hygiene Kit – Giveaway

The above Pee Buddy Travel Hygiene Kit we are giving away so do participate with simple rules.

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