Hyderabad Shopping at General Bazar

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All Hyderabad’s know the place called General Bazar, where in this street we get a lot of ladies stuff at affordable price which is only 1000Rs. I shopped at general Bazar this time.

Hyderabad Shopping at General Bazar 

Stuff I bought from this place

1. Kurti
2. Leggings
4.Ear rings

1. Kurti : This Kurti Price 400 Rs ❤❤

This kurti I got it for only 400rs as I found it very affordable. As the design of the Kurtis is rich and classy. This same design can be found on online but it could be expensive.

The material and the quality of the Kurtis is eye catchy and i love it.

2. Leggings : 150Rs Each ❤❤

The price of the leggings could be more cheaper depending of the quality you get in the market. As the brand called HH Horsiery i use. As i have many colours in the same brand am using this brand leggings from many years and the quality is amazing.

The color doesn’t goes always after the many wash also.

3.Chappals : Each Pair 100 Rs ❤❤

General bazar is more favorite for me about the best and cheap stuff i get it from there.
As I go for shopping at general bazar place usually but i end-up buying chappals with 3 and 4 pairs which only cost 100rs.
We find many stalls of slippers which will various

All the stuff i bought it for only 1000rs. I love this place where i can find all the cheap stuff at affordable price.

 Thank you 😁😀

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