How to Get AdSense Approval

AdSense approval getting is a biggest aim for me as it was the most difficult to get adsense approval Finally now i got AdSense approval after struggling for many days.Let me tell you How to Get AdSense Approval.

In this post i will let you guys know the below things

  • Things i made mistakes while applying for AdSense
  • Must have things to get AdSense approval
  • How i got AdSense approval

I started my blogging from last year i have no idea what i was doing and there was no proper plan but i just started blogging. I started blogging to give information to the users about beauty products i buy and i can give my reviews to them.

Things i made mistakes while applying for AdSense

  • No proper content and no minimum content for each post
  • Traffic was very less to my website
  • Pages were missing
  • Placing the ad code after applying for absence is must
  • Not removing the affiliated marketing links from my website
  • Good Theme for my website was not there
  • Good domain and hosting service

 Must have things to get AdSense approval

  • Quality Content

content for blog is most important thing not having a quality content will be the major reason for google AdSense disapproval.

Have a proper content which will focus your keyword and write the post which you have more experience that user can come and read your posts.

Google is enough smart to identify who is having genuine content

  • Have at least 100 visitors visit your blog daily

Your daily target for getting traffic should be minimum 100 visitors per daily. Do what ever you want to do. What i donto get more visitors to my website is i will post my new post to social. Yes i use more Facebook Google plus to get my traffic. The maximum you share you get more visitors.

  • Must you need to have About us, privacy policy, Contact Us and Disclaimer pages on your website

First starting i made a mistake not having the above pages on my website which leads to rejection of AdSense multiple times. About us page to be given information of you and your website what is about give a detailed explanation about what you do all that. Give privacy and policy and disclaimer for your website we have website which will auto generated privacy and policy for your website. Contact us page is a must have on any website as any visitors viewing your website if they want to approach you they will visit for connecting with you.

Google will definitely check whether you are having these pages are not.

  • Have a good domain name and hosting

When i started blogging i used then i switched to .com domain and then chosen hosting plan.

As i was failed using free domain and free hosting trust me don’t go for free hosting your time will be wasted because there will be a lot of servers issue faced i have a very good experience using free domain and free hosting sites.

Your domain must be minimum 2 months old i order to get AdSense approval as Google need good content for user experience and placing ad’s on your website

How i got AdSense approval

  • Before i got AdSense approval i had 20 posts
  • Each post should be a minimum of 500 words to 1000 words
  • Good number of visitors to my website at least 100 to 150 member daily
  • After applying AdSense code on your website give an ad unit applied on your website so that google when doing verification they see ad code is placed
  • The email id which am using for applying AdSense need to shown with bigger or bold words in your contact us page
  • I was having a theme before they were no front page shown my recent posts this will be a drawback so have a good theme for your website

Finally my suggestion before applying for Google AdSense

  • No duplicate content and no copy and paste post. Write genuine and original content
  • Write at least 20 to 25 post before applying for AdSense
  • The email id which your using should be a verified email id
  • If your pin was verified by using YouTube and then use the same email ID don’t use other email id
  • You must be 18 years old. So check what you entered your date of birth in Google records
  • Don’t use any other affiliated marketing program codes or links when applying for AdSense google will start away rejects your application

If you have any question about how to get adsense approval feel freed to contact me.

Thank you

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