Hilaryrhoda Nail Polish Review

Hilaryrhoda Nail Polish Review

I have always been a huge fan of nail paints. Nail paints are something that brightens up my day and I love painting my nails in all the weird colours possible. Here we get a Hilaryrhoda Nail Polish in Grabox. For since last 1 year I am tempted by many nail paints and thus I kept on buying them and my current nail paint stash contains 35 nail paints. That was the time when I decided to give it a full stop till I am left with only three nail paints. But of course, time and again I get tempted to buy this or that nail paints.

So, when I got Hilaryrhoda Nail Polish as a part of May Beauty Grabox, then
 I was truly excited. I prayed that the Hilaryrhoda Nail Polish should be good and thus follows the review of the same.

Price Rs. 100 for 9.9 ml 

Hilary Rhoda Nail Polish Review

Hilaryrhoda Nail Polish comes in typical Nykaa Packaging. It is medium in size and the glass bottle is transparent. Thus, you can see the shade and the amount of product left inside the bottle also. The packaging is very similar to Nykaa Arcylic Nail Paints.

The shade of this Hilaryrhoda Nail Polish is truly unique. Even the best of the nail paint brands also doesn’t have such pretty shade. It is a red shade that has black dots all over it. The shade looks pretty on hands. It is a perfect red shade with a stylish twist.

Pigmentation wise the shade is simply superb. It gives an opaque finish in a single swipe only. You can build up the colour with a second swipe also. You need a maximum of two swipes to get the perfect opaque finish.

The staying power of the nail paints is good. They last for a good 4-6 days after which the nail paint begins to fade away from the tip. And of course, you need to re-apply another nail paint next week or within 10 days.

The nail colour is truly versatile. This can be perfect cocktail nail paint and you can wear it even for college or for your Mehendi occasion also.
Pros of Hilaryrhoda Nail Polish
  1. Travel-friendly packaging
  2. Awesome shade
  3. Staying power is good
  4. Pigmentation superb
  5. Versatile shade
Cons of Hilaryrhoda Nail Polish
  1. Hilaryrhoda products are hard to find online
  2. Not in Many shades
Hilaryrhoda Nail Polish Review Rating – 4/5

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