Flame Test For Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes – As Good As Cotton And Water

Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes

Flame Test For Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes – As Good As Cotton And Water
The first and foremost responsibility of any mother is to keep their baby healthy and happy. Everything, from the baby shampoo to the pacifier has to be the best and safest. But what we most often forget to do, is go over the ingredients and composition of these products and decide if these products are safe to use. A baby’s skin is 100 times more sensitive than that of an adult’s, which means that exposure to harmful chemicals easily affects the baby’s skin. As a result of which babies tend to develop allergies skin infections, rashes, etc.

Why low-quality fabrics and toxic chemicals?

Most companies out there that make promises about protecting the babies from allergies and keeping the skin nourished and pleasant smelling, make use of certain toxic chemicals to get rid of the bacteria.

Further, companies make use of a synthetic compound called polyester for the manufacturing of water-based wipes. This is a cost-cutting process that companies use, the higher the use of polyester, the lower the production cost of wet wipes. Polyester is a material that is made of plastic waste, which makes it highly water repellent and can be abrasive when you rub it on the soft and sensitive skin of the baby.

How to carry out a simple flame test to see if the baby wipes are safe to use.

Fortunately, there is a very simple home test that can help you know if the product that you are using is safe for the baby. Below products, we need to do the flame test.

Baby wipes
Match Box


1) Light the candle with the matchstick
2) Dry any baby wipe, so that it burns easier
3) Hold the corner of the baby wipe to the candle flame

Flame Test For Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes:

One of the most important factors affecting the results of this test is the smell of the wipe while it is burning. If the baby wipe is emitting a plastic-like smell, it means that there is a high content of polyester in the baby wipes and is harmful to the baby’s skin. If the product smells like burning paper or cloth, it means that the baby wipe is completely safe to use.

Fabric after Burning:

Polyester always leaves behind a black and lumpy residue after burning, if there is a similar residue on your baby wipe, it contains polyester. If, while burning, the wipe completely turns to ash, it means that the baby wipe is made of cotton and completely free of any polyester.


We conducted this test for several different babies wipes out there in the market and found that much to our surprise, most of the baby wipes are made of cheap fabric or polyester. Most of these brands failed the flame test as they left behind a black residue and gave of bad smell. On the other hand, one brand that passed the test with flying colours is Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes.

When put to the test, these wipes completely burnt to ash and did not give off a foul plastic smelling odour. As mentioned on the packaging, they use only 100% natural and high-quality fabric, which is friendly to the sensitive skin of the baby. Further, their superior softness, ease in using and the ability to protect the baby’s skin from several infections, makes this one of the most sought after brands in the market. Last but not the least, a baby’s health and well being is always the most important thing for a mother, which is why I recommend Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes because it is as good as cotton and water.

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