Best Dark Lipsticks in India

10 best dark lipsticks in India

Dark Lipstick trend in India is gradually catching up and it seems that for girls there is no looking back. And why not firstly a dark lipstick looks great with our warmer or yellow colored skin tone. Secondly for our year round festivities dark lipsticks are a must have accessory. And most importantly dark lipsticks are like statement colors. Without much makeup they look gorgeous and give a confident look to your face. So I would like to share some of the 10 best dark lipsticks in India have a look and you can purchase them. 

Thus, here I am presenting you with some of the best dark lipstick available in India

10 Best Dark Lipsticks in India

1.NYX liquid Suede Lip Cream Cherry Skies 

NYX liquid Suede Lip Cream Cherry Skies 

This is one of the most beautiful dark wine color for Indian skin tone. It is gorgeous on lips and is very comfortable on dry lips also. It has a creamy glossy finish but you can make it matte with slight efforts.

2.Rimmel London Lipstick in Cutting Edge 

It is a beautiful wine colored lipstick which has strong pink hues in it. It is a gorgeous evening shade which looks extremely flattering on Indian skin tone. The lipstick has a creamy matte finish which is very comfortable on lips. It leaves a strong stain behind which makes the lipstick long lasting on lips.

3.L’Oreal Collection Star Pure Reds Lipstick in Pure Garnet 

 .L’Oreal Collection Star Pure Reds Lipstick in Pure Garnet 

This is a gorgeous wine toned lipstick which looks amazing on all skin tones. The lipstick is insanely pigmented and thus you get the true rich dark colour in just one swipe. It has a dry matte finish and thus the colour is overall quite sexy and is a statement colour in itself.

4.Lakme Absolute Matte Lip colour Pink Passion 

One dark pink lipstick which is very close to the fushia colour. The colour is beautifully pigmented and it looks amazing on Indian skin tone. It is a must have fushia colour for deeper skin tone. And the colour stays on for extremely long. Even after meals and drinks there is a strong stain behind and thus you have the colour on your lips.  

5.SUGAR Matte as Hell Crayon Lipstick Scarlett O’ Hara 

This lipstick comes in the easy and effortless crayon packaging which is easy to carry around and apply. The colour is a rich dark red which is bright and perfect for a festive look. It is an instant complexion perker and looks amazing on Indian skin tones. It also makes your teeth look whiter.

6.Maybelline Lip Gradation Red 1

This is another gorgeous dark red lipstick which can be worn almost anywhere. It is a beautiful shade which comfortable matte finish. It is highly pigmented and the colour looks amazing on duskier as well as fairer skin tone.

7.MAC Hang Up Lipstick 

It is a beautiful wine toned colour which has strong red undertones in it. The colour looks great on Indian skin tone. This is also one of the beautiful statement colour. It settles into a rich matte finish which looks gorgeous. And no doubt when it’s MAC then it’s one of the most long staying lipstick.

8.YSL Lipstick PourPre Intouchable 

This is another gorgeous lipstick inside and out. It has beautiful royal packaging and the wine shade is to die for. It is super moisturizing on lips and has a comfortable creamy texture.

9.MAC Amplified Lipstick Neon Orange 

Another beautiful shade which looks amazing on darker skin tone. The colour pay off is great and it has a slight vanilla fragrance which will disappear after a while. The colour is a beauty on the lips and has extremely long staying power.

10.NYX Professional Makeup Alabama 

NYX Professional Makeup Alabama 

This is an highly pigmented and richly formulated lipstick. The colour looks great on Indian skin tone and it is one of the most gorgeous brick toned red colour. It is quite smooth and buttery on lips but it sets into a smooth matte finish.

Hope you liked my some of the 10 Best Dark Lipsticks in India you need to have for your beautiful lips.


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